Pushing my eyes from their sockets.

There is so much it’s living in hereand I can’t get it outbecause every thought I release creates several more to replace. It hurts when I thinkand I have to write it downIt’ll slip out tripping my feetclimbing it’s way back in through my ears again. I must write it down on paperand set itContinue reading “Pushing my eyes from their sockets.”

I think of nothing.

When I’m in the quiet and my thoughts are left alone to think that’s when the thought of death creeps in and the idea of nothing terrifies me confuses me. I think of nothing closing my eyes and even then I can seeimages my brain projectsmemories I’ve rememberedideas I create pictures that play I can’tContinue reading “I think of nothing.”

I can’t think of anything as correct.

I can’t think of anything as correct and there are no wordsthat are worth pain that are worth my heart stopping or a mouth from speaking no words worth quitting there are no words worth hitting you can speak you can thinkand when I get flustered it’s my minds inability to filter your lead writtenContinue reading “I can’t think of anything as correct.”

I think

I think.Every second is a thought,every moment is many.I’m changing within each hourbecause these thoughts are bulkyerupting within my mind.My views they start overevery time another speaks.I must rethink,try again.Trying to be politeas I rarely understandrarely graspwhat the many say.I listen I interrupt because I need to speakbefore I forget. Thanks for reading.-Temperamentally Tina

I always think…

I always thinkI should be more. What is thatwhat is morewhat is better? They’re all thoughtsthat changefrom one thought to another from one brain out and in. Within a minuteit’s different because brains are articulating crunching the data trying to think. Each thought I feel lessless like it matters because I cannot fail because failingContinue reading “I always think…”

It’s pink and it’s squishy.

Let me take my hands and tickle the very partthat is you that sets youapart from me.It’s pink and it’s squishy the same as mine however you think differently.Why?Now I’ll grab a sharp bladeand if I cut hereand then I cut there will you be different?As you re-awake will you be more like me inContinue reading “It’s pink and it’s squishy.”