Our greatest mistake: Asking the question how can this be easier?

We shove people into boxesas if they’re nothing more than a simple displaytelling stories out of dismayyet each movie and television showare riddled of stereotypesmaking a villain as if everyone is narrowminded and only a certain mind can see it all yet our questions are the samehow can I prolong this one more dayand ourContinue reading “Our greatest mistake: Asking the question how can this be easier?”

This food is an addiction.

I’ve recently stopped eating meatI couldn’t resist the urge to cry thinking of the world and whywe aren’t apex predators we use machines and technologies as a lurewe farmas a child it never set off an alarm the cruelty of childhood folklore that I used to smile and adoreas the pigs are bred to beContinue reading “This food is an addiction.”

The heart struggles to keep up.

All the fear resides within herea blunt instrument to relieve the tormentthat twists and releases its toxinsthroughout the circulatory system the heart struggles to keep upas the lacrimal glands secrete enough liquid to fill a cupas the lungs gaspbeneath the pressure as they collapse and yet the worries keep piling as the brain continues filingContinue reading “The heart struggles to keep up.”

Hundreds of webs leaves the spider vexed.

Webs activated the anxious bug decapitated another scurries by past the dead as the spider spins the thread. Several more worries hatch as the spider works for the catch feeling perplexed hundreds of webs leaves the spider vexed each web intertwined as the spider exclaims that it’s fine. Anxious and stressedthe spider lays down forContinue reading “Hundreds of webs leaves the spider vexed.”

A throbbing aggravation.

A bickering braineach complaint a split in the terrain one vessel to contain an unhappy thoughtswallowed by a vessel fraught. A throbbing aggravation as if two brains within one skull forces intimidation a calm demeaner within moments its another matterleaving the body to react before they become aware of each fact. Irrationality brought on byContinue reading “A throbbing aggravation.”

We are all humans.

I choose my placeI won’t stand here and waitto determine right from wrongit’s all a matter of opinion I live without physical acts of aggression I think as myselfrather than wait to hear from someone elsechange brings happinesslaced within sadnessthere is no superior authority is dripping of mistakesand I believe I’m right I believe yourContinue reading “We are all humans.”

Living on a topsy-turvy street.

A body upon the floorbreath is the allurefilling the lungsas the feelings are hungleft outside on the lineno longer may you whineas others clean your linensociety guides your children as most file paperworkas the others go where the danger will lurkas we claim happinesslost in the piles of ordinariness rather I will stand upon myContinue reading “Living on a topsy-turvy street.”

We’re wallowing within intellect.

Quick quickwould you like to pickmaybe you can make a guess with all that witone two three which piles of sticks were lityour skin will burn as all the hate is torn between this life and the nextlet me be more directwe’re all wallowing within intellect our brains churning information each piece of knowledge suffersContinue reading “We’re wallowing within intellect.”