Will the tree collapse?

Will the tree collapseburrowing me beneath its pressure my strength is sub par and my stamina is one weighted by exhaustionand my mental capacity is overfilling as the gas is leaking from the opening. Ones ability to escape is linked to its need for survivaland if the tree collapses I wonder if I’d welcome theContinue reading “Will the tree collapse?”

Tree in Winter.

The burden of the ice waiting for it to solidify dripping down my spine branches stretched taking on morebefore it reaches the ground and the ground says it’s alreadyover capacityand yet I grow taller even in the Winter after my leaves starved themselves of oxygen to allow myself growth because being bareallows me to takeContinue reading “Tree in Winter.”

The tree speaks through varying creaks.

The trees outside out there they spend their time one with the wind drinking in all the sin. Today they’re naked they starved themselves as the leaves fainted Winter left Spring isn’t in bloom as I look out the window of this little room wondering do they look in thinking does she know who sheContinue reading “The tree speaks through varying creaks.”