I have thoughts I believe to be my owngoing back through conversations whom said it first,me or you? Are we all tied up together speaking wordswriting them downtrying to understand reading through researchI’ve been told the resolveyet I’m now curious on howwhat it felt to find what it felt to live through. The terror ofContinue reading

No I’m the most right.

I’d like to believe that I am the most rightand I know your sitting backthinking no I’m the most rightand I’m like no it’s meit most certainly isand then I stop and I thinkshitisn’t that where we fucked upbelieving that any one person could be correct? We’ve been arrogant in our thoughtsin our knowledge becauseContinue reading “No I’m the most right.”

Knowledge is collected.

Knowledge is collectedshared and further investigatedas a common filler.The same as a dentist drills a toothand fills it with glass and quartzwe fill the holes in science with a complex mechanic the creator of it all. The same as a tooth science outgrows its filling.It falls out again the dentist fills the holeas our knowledgeContinue reading “Knowledge is collected.”

The end is what they found.

A face is commonly comprised of two eyesheavily worn and burdened relieved through cries a nose which is the detector smelling for rotted nectar and a mouth filled of teeth to chew through the collective grief as if all the parts together were glued into place as a lure to deceive each feeling as ifContinue reading “The end is what they found.”

We’re wallowing within intellect.

Quick quickwould you like to pickmaybe you can make a guess with all that witone two three which piles of sticks were lityour skin will burn as all the hate is torn between this life and the nextlet me be more directwe’re all wallowing within intellect our brains churning information each piece of knowledge suffersContinue reading “We’re wallowing within intellect.”