Driven by curiosity.

Driven by curiosityfeeling dreary within their insanityexhaustion creeps intwisted and hidden withina hunched back weighted by knowledgeshredding their sense of couragetogether they collectand conceal intellectthe knowledge angersstirring up ill feelings against strangerstogether they endureexhausted and wallowing in the hope for no more.  Thanks for reading.-Temperamentally Tina

Their bellies are full.

The creatures they feedupon the Earth beneath their feetan organism never to be set freethe creatures grow larger as the ground struggles to breathe. Are they blissfultheir bellies are fullwell nourishedroundly plumped their society has flourishedfor the accumulation of wealth at the expense of public health. After putting in a few hours tonight on aContinue reading “Their bellies are full.”

Brittle bones fluids surrounding the curves.

Decades of blendingis it worth defendingthe bitterness eating the nervesbrittle bone fluids surrounding the curvestired of all the noisecaught up by the illusion of poisedefecating others hatred of skinfake smiles oftenfrightened by others angerguilt is the triggerconfusion is all the creature can musterouter appearances they blend in with the clusterfor what’s in their heart andContinue reading “Brittle bones fluids surrounding the curves.”

The flow an outpour.

The liquid begins to dripas the creature readjusts its gripthe flow an outpourof blood and morebile, and tearsfrom all the days over the yearsa heavily weighted mixture of happiness and sadnessall of it had driven the heart within madnessas if the heart could crythump thump with each beat the creatures claws pryshredding it opena gushContinue reading “The flow an outpour.”

Living in a solar eclipse.

Each person existstrying to find their worth within itour opinions escalateas we stake claim of knowledge to determine their fateover shared and often over blownall we know is what has been shownthe history of humanitydetermined by the writer rather than certain clarityfacts often shreddedby the ones most creditedit’s as if were all living in aContinue reading “Living in a solar eclipse.”

His entirety of self dissolved within despair.

His entirety of self dissolved within despairlike a beluga whale coming up for airhis head surfaced to fightthrough the twisted waters of his plightready to accept doubtwithering within thoughthis humanity had been lostduring the last frostfreezing coldshivering as he stood boldas the ice brokeallowing the others to croakthe lone survivorliving had been the lureand afterContinue reading “His entirety of self dissolved within despair.”

Within an ordinary swamp.

The inhabitants of this Earthtend to wallow within an ordinary swampand when they rise their grime is simply the samethey titter within the shameas if a yearning for good healthrather than wealthis a pitiful claim. I try to thinkI try to createI try to continueI choose to take a chance and failrather than wallowwithin theContinue reading “Within an ordinary swamp.”