The screen fills.

A knife to start a linea place to tare the skin to allow the thoughts to freebecause the bulkinessmakes thinking stiffand difficult to think it all out. A hand per each sidepulling the skin the thoughts become little creaturesslicking their legs about scurrying to get outpulling the part widerwider more. They make their way pushingContinue reading “The screen fills.”

Nestled within the chambers.

Nestled within the chambers live a mix of narcissistic and empathic creatures.The empaths feed on the shit of the narcissistsand the narcissists feed upon their shelterspitting out the rind.Leaving little room for the empaths to find their solitude turning them neurotic as they try to drink the liquid their home makes as if it isContinue reading “Nestled within the chambers.”

I swear they burrowed in.

I’ll take the thing this wayyou take that other thing that waywait move a little to the leftI don’t want to move to the rightyou’ve always been in chargeand I’d like to be this timelook what happened when I let you guide us through repeating it’s the shorter waywe will have extra time as ifContinue reading “I swear they burrowed in.”

I wrote a poetry book; Can We Sleep Now?

(I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and any qualifying purchases made through affiliate links I may earn a commission on at no additional cost to you.) I recently self published an art and poetry collection through Amazon. For the collection I drew a new creature each night and wrote a reaction toContinue reading “I wrote a poetry book; Can We Sleep Now?”

Several creatures in existence.

Several creatures in existence to tired for any resistanceas they look away they allow their bodies to swaywith the crowd in any waythe largest carriedemotions are often varied. The direction is a simple variation either way death is in the pavement no matter the arrangement a good deed a bad deed their bodies never freedcontractsContinue reading “Several creatures in existence.”