The flower grew.

Every channel played a reminder of a time beforea constant reminder of the moments of nowalways trapped within the thoughts of howshe made a decision a precise incision the projector continued to playturning off the power would allow her to straylegally they couldn’t switch off her powerinstead they planted seeds to grow a flowerthe flowerContinue reading “The flower grew.”

The brain busily cleans it away.

Our brains retain every moment unless its deemed to be waste in which the brain busily cleans it away wiping it’s existence triggering us to move forwardwithout a memory of whysometimes what our brain determines waste are still active within other mindsmemories some brains claim empty and wasteful other brains feed upon because what empowersContinue reading “The brain busily cleans it away.”

Giving life to Ambivalence.

Anger is their name their fists are enlarged always clutched and ready to target their nemesis happy. Happy is the one with the wide eyes and the dopey look always laughing as if they’ve bathedin a bath of happy oils. Anger with it’s red face and it’s enlarged blood vessels shakes it’s fists “If youContinue reading “Giving life to Ambivalence.”

Our monsters have the same name.

There is a monster inside your head it’ll never hope you dead it lives within you your life is it’s life too it takes the reigns setting straight your complaints as if we could scream it was all in here, I’d never be that mean pounding on our skulls the monsters don’t take the fallContinue reading “Our monsters have the same name.”