Our monsters have the same name.

There is a monster inside your head it’ll never hope you dead it lives within you your life is it’s life too it takes the reigns setting straight your complaints as if we could scream it was all in here, I’d never be that mean pounding on our skulls the monsters don’t take the fallContinue reading “Our monsters have the same name.”

As if they never existed.

A body on the boardtheir skull cracked open a team of specialists gathered. “Dig inget within the muddy parts.” Hands wet it’s thick further in “Is there an answer?” “No not that one throw it back in.” Beep beep goes the machine silence “We might have lost another one.we were close this time complex questionsContinue reading “As if they never existed.”

I see a glare living within the air.

I see a glare living within the airI see it as a body laughsand the squirmy worms are cut in half wiggling and forgetting breathing and digging as I’m looking out another one begins to pout and that glare is still within the airforcing me to shut my eyes as the others are spilling theirContinue reading “I see a glare living within the air.”

Masked by resilience.

The pot boiling liquids seeping the sides hours dying as her hands keep upout the thoughts melt. Dishes to clean overwhelmed masked by resilience although days slipand weeks pile upand years fester boiling over and our wants unfulfilled because desires are tricky. And as the pot boils the past evaporates and the mirage of moreContinue reading “Masked by resilience.”