What should I wear today?

Alex kept staring at the women’s assAlex couldn’t pass locking on to beautiful blues a special hueAlex was a on quest for something new. Six more shots what Alex wants can’t be bought a little more loose just another rouse. “Would you like to come home?My roommates out I’ll be alone.”Marry nodded as they madeContinue reading “What should I wear today?”

The tree speaks through varying creaks.

The trees outside out there they spend their time one with the wind drinking in all the sin. Today they’re naked they starved themselves as the leaves fainted Winter left Spring isn’t in bloom as I look out the window of this little room wondering do they look in thinking does she know who sheContinue reading “The tree speaks through varying creaks.”

Several creatures in existence.

Several creatures in existence to tired for any resistanceas they look away they allow their bodies to swaywith the crowd in any waythe largest carriedemotions are often varied. The direction is a simple variation either way death is in the pavement no matter the arrangement a good deed a bad deed their bodies never freedcontractsContinue reading “Several creatures in existence.”

The critters scurry within the memories that wither.

The critters scurry within the memories that wither and decompose from flesh to boneeating what has grownfrom the past allowing life to outlast the end of a breath. Reseeding wisdom adding in their ownliquids in a lab a little bit in with a dab a little bit out with a grab. At night they imagineContinue reading “The critters scurry within the memories that wither.”

My happy, I’ll keep that for me.

I don’t often share my happyit belongs to meit’s what I absorb and not let run freeI take it inI keep it for myself. My pain My hateMy anger I want it outdisburse it back to the crowdset it free from myself regulate it regurgitate and feed it to anyone willing to take a pieceContinue reading “My happy, I’ll keep that for me.”

Life only knows to create.

When I close my eyesno matter the number of ties to this lifethere will only be disconnect emptiness a brains sending impulses as the body takes its last breathstruggling for answers as the brain creates images and if I do wakeI’ll share as if its an experience of faith our brains set up defenses toContinue reading “Life only knows to create.”

The end is what they found.

A face is commonly comprised of two eyesheavily worn and burdened relieved through cries a nose which is the detector smelling for rotted nectar and a mouth filled of teeth to chew through the collective grief as if all the parts together were glued into place as a lure to deceive each feeling as ifContinue reading “The end is what they found.”

Irrationality is welcome.

Artis not meant to be without flaw perfect linesare mechanical creations we are not robotsgears and linksour brains are organic our bodies flesh irrationality is welcome If we don’t wonderif we don’t question if we only create with the hope of perfection we will never growwe will never change we’d merely be a circuit boardContinue reading “Irrationality is welcome.”