People reacting and building.

Is the sun losing its heatall the voices on repeat are our tears acidic breaking the atmosphere our skin is covered in moles as we rake fire over the coals. To much clutterthe dump trucks puttertake the whole load some of it will corrode as the birds get caught in circlesturning purple less birds toContinue reading “People reacting and building.”

Never does the boss take a day off.

The boss keeps the blood from curdling by telling its worker to keep pumpingThe boss keeps the carbon-dioxide from building by reminding its worker to exhale The boss keeps the toxins from residing by telling its worker to cleanse. Never does the boss take a day offuntil it’s time for the body to retireand allContinue reading “Never does the boss take a day off.”

What is that spot?

She stares at the blank computer screenwaiting as if the words are going to write themselvesher mind empty she tries again she looks down at her fingernails a little dirtgross. To the sinkher hands bleed germs are tough the water hot the soap almost emptyher hands still they bleedand she only scrubs harder turning offContinue reading “What is that spot?”

With your depression bottled.

We go to therapists to get our gripson all of this as if that’s their purpose although they to stressfret about how to dressand they fill of doubt maybe even regretting their route wondering if this profession was rightthey deserve a re-writegoing home with your depression bottled they take it out of their bags quicklyContinue reading “With your depression bottled.”

I have a heart.

I have a heart with extra fatty tissueit won’t kill me that’s my life motto something isn’t right as the doctors stateit won’t kill you. My heart strugglesfast beatsthe more my brainholds and retains the harder the struggleand the lungs have a small capacity to retain all the insanity created by the outward factors. IContinue reading “I have a heart.”

I shovel myself out.

All these standards to live by all these standards to fall beneath I shovel myself out several nights a week buried by perfectionists buried by misconceptions the dirt has reached my lungs I exhale dust I feel okno forget that I feel exceptional I feel freed as I say never I don’t want the tombstoneContinue reading “I shovel myself out.”

As if your a truth teller.

They’re so fake that’s a large mistake claiming others as liars and living beneath a lower bar as if your a truth teller your level of oxygen is bringing us underall that air compressing out your lungsit’s time all your lies have been hungthere is to many to be rung out enough water to adverseContinue reading “As if your a truth teller.”

Time is clicking by just fine.

She had been crafting for yearsweaving together all their fearsa blue hatand a sculpture made of body fatear muffs to block the profanitiesa knitted sweater to shelter their insecurities shoes to shrink their swollen feetslimming garments to flatten what they eat. Her fingers have begun to curl under leaving her thoughts to ponder had sheContinue reading “Time is clicking by just fine.”