Fusing a sense of connection.

I slipped so hard on the pavement
my head cracked open
and my blood oozed within the cracks
leaving a slight discoloration
fusing a sense of connection
within the pavement.

Time passed
and I could feel
all the people walking around
like I’m so sad
I don’t know why
My life is good
is it?

The thoughts smashed within my brains
you enjoy forcing your bodies within cars
driving from one destination to the next
why do you think they keep making them better
to keep convincing us we need more.

The point of creating houses and agriculture
was to make life easier
easier on who
I’ve pondered this question for years
blaming the rich
and then thinking they seem miserable
always buying flashier shit
the same as the rest of us
almost pushed into it
as if success equates to how much you accumulate
and I feel we’ve all lost it
a sense of living
believing success is a accumulation
of material possessions
and I think
I myself want to take back
my ability to feel
without the gadgets
reminding me to laugh
without an appendage
clinging within my butt pocket
connecting me to an internet of faces
in which are always hiding
parts they deem unsellable.

I don’t want self help books
I want the truth
I want to know if your pissed off
I want to know if your truly happy
and how you got that way
I want to know the actual truths
rather than what we all deemed proper to show
that we all deem sellable
I don’t want to live in artificial barriers
I want to breathe fresh air again
looking at my phone
a reminder the air quality isn’t safe to go out
and I’m in fear again
and I miss the blissful ignorance
of not knowing
cigarettes caused cancer
peanut butter contains rat turds
hard candies are made of beaver secretions
how do we live lightly
knowing everything?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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