Holding the emotions like a pool of water.

Are we just a container holding the emotions like a pool of watersensitive to drillsaging in rustseveral holesand we will leak? I’ve applied the tapeover the years the stickiness has proven to be mediocre letting loose the emotions bursta little happydissolves within the murky water. The anger hiding in the water it turneda murky redIContinue reading “Holding the emotions like a pool of water.”

Growing a mind is a sensitive thing.

There’s so much anger in you and I’m fearful you’ll never know a true smile or laugh a true laughwith all the aggression all the frustrations that appearand I try to hold mine inbecause cruel words create cruel beings and I try so hardas the screaming starts and the yelling approaches but I myself haveContinue reading “Growing a mind is a sensitive thing.”

The red evaporated.

A honk of the hornthe red evaporated and the light turned greenthe street stainsthey disappeared and the carthat stopped to long scurried by the driver out of a daze chances are they kept going that car behind them clutching onto angst for a matter of a second seems eternity when their stresses keep pushing uponContinue reading “The red evaporated.”

Their team name is ANGER.

It physically hurtswhen others they speak their words attach to my skin and I try to dig them out of my poresonly they’re quickseeping in and expanding inside. My brain sends an army their team nameANGER.They’re vicious and ready to tare their opponents as they grab the words that slip in on the ready theyContinue reading “Their team name is ANGER.”