A delicious heart.

Feeding the molesburrowing beneaththey peek out slowly then faster they climb spotting the flower in the grassdripping of its red liquidthey feednibbling to the rhythmic beat following that melody not daring to eat too much in fear of killing itbecause killing it would the mole lonely and unfilled on a forever search for a deliciousContinue reading “A delicious heart.”

It’s love.

It’s love you didn’t know that?No, really that’s the nameof the worm it spreads its lovemilking itselfand leaving behind its slimewithin each and the secretions begin to sproutand out of the centerbirths dozens of morewiggly thingsthat plummet to the ground as the flower shakes itself clean as the wiggly things plant within the soil sproutingContinue reading “It’s love.”

The flower grew.

Every channel played a reminder of a time beforea constant reminder of the moments of nowalways trapped within the thoughts of howshe made a decision a precise incision the projector continued to playturning off the power would allow her to straylegally they couldn’t switch off her powerinstead they planted seeds to grow a flowerthe flowerContinue reading “The flower grew.”