Be kind.

Be kind
he held the bumper sticker up this time
he smirked
holding up a fork
you mean I should be kind
and your free to unwind
as long as everyone else is being respectful
you don’t have to follow the same rule
he shook his head naw
if you keep pulling your wrists they’ll go raw.

It wasn’t until recently had I realized
I don’t care to stay civilized
you’ve never behaved as you told others how
and I’ve never been the type to eat a cow
recently my hunger has been unattainable
and honestly unpredictable.

Watching you with those signs
I felt a waste of time
It’s ironic I’ve seen you outside
many times I’ve taken that ride
yet you have no bumper stickers promoting an orphanage
nothing stating get these kids adopted
I thought all life mattered
I suppose not all life is flattered.

He turned on the oven
do you know how high to cook a human
hmm… I suppose I could search it
would I be flagged real quick
naw they’re to busy collecting data
to sell me this new claw
it’s shiny and hooks fantastically
thank you he chuckled as the woman stared frantically.

It’s not delicious and defiantly coarse
he chewed the taste only became worse
eating the evidence was a mistake
would the fat mix well in a cake
he shook his head this shit is disgusting
as his stomach began erupting
I definitely wasn’t thinking
next time I do this without drinking.

Thanks for reading.
Temperamentally Tina

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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