The consumer should be ashamed.

The consumer must clean away the germsholding their breath to block the fumesopening the windows allowing the windto carry the toxins awayinfusing within the cloudsthe consumer is well awarea maska pair of glovesprotection is a must finding a place for the trash that pilesbecause the producer they only producesolving the waste and preventing the toxicityContinue reading “The consumer should be ashamed.”

The brain busily cleans it away.

Our brains retain every moment unless its deemed to be waste in which the brain busily cleans it away wiping it’s existence triggering us to move forwardwithout a memory of whysometimes what our brain determines waste are still active within other mindsmemories some brains claim empty and wasteful other brains feed upon because what empowersContinue reading “The brain busily cleans it away.”