Our monsters have the same name.

There is a monster inside your head
it’ll never hope you dead
it lives within you
your life is it’s life too
it takes the reigns
setting straight your complaints
as if we could scream
it was all in here, I’d never be that mean
pounding on our skulls
the monsters don’t take the fall
it’s you that must accept
the punishment of their discontent
our monsters have the same name
they’re all pink, squishy, and go by brain
parts of them chisel their way through your ears
searching out their peers
maybe they find their way in
within nostrils they’re quite thin
the slivers they shed
infecting others once their host is dead.

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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