When you’re young monsters are simplethey’re largeyelly things hiding under your bedor they could be small creatures with pointed teethnesting in your closet either wayyou can noticetheir monster features notice they are dangerous they are terrifying as we grow older we realize monsters are much more complexthey look human and they take hold within anyoneContinue reading “Monsters”

The monsters standing about their ant holes.

As we fearthe monsters under our bedsand peeking through our closets,the insects fear the open spaceand the monstersstanding about their ant holes. With one swift kick breaking their life work murdering villages in one stomp as the monster goes back home without the guilt because to them insects are pestsand pests don’t matter. Pests shouldContinue reading “The monsters standing about their ant holes.”

Unseen by the eyes of their host.

Stabbing its needle like mouth through the leathered layersand releasing its particles insideallowing them to fill within this vessel swelling inside the pores mixing with the bacteria that already breedswithin this placebirthing a new complexity a variant with greater abilities that’s released as the vessel sneezes and spits upon a patch of Earth and theseContinue reading “Unseen by the eyes of their host.”

Our monsters have the same name.

There is a monster inside your head it’ll never hope you dead it lives within you your life is it’s life too it takes the reigns setting straight your complaints as if we could scream it was all in here, I’d never be that mean pounding on our skulls the monsters don’t take the fallContinue reading “Our monsters have the same name.”