I see faces in almost everything.

To be the most interesting is an ability I’ve never had.I could share I see faces in almost everythingand if I allow it those faces would appearto the point in which fear would be destroyed within me because eventually I’d see nothing besides eyes appearing when the lights are off,when the lights are on,and toContinue reading “I see faces in almost everything.”

Hundreds of webs leaves the spider vexed.

Webs activated the anxious bug decapitated another scurries by past the dead as the spider spins the thread. Several more worries hatch as the spider works for the catch feeling perplexed hundreds of webs leaves the spider vexed each web intertwined as the spider exclaims that it’s fine. Anxious and stressedthe spider lays down forContinue reading “Hundreds of webs leaves the spider vexed.”