I don’t want your heart.

I don’t want your heartI already have my own and you wouldn’t be able to survive without your heart beating within your chestI’d never feel any rest if your eyes no longer opened and your hands no longer caressedevery part of me. Please keep it for yourself buried within the chest cavity in which itContinue reading “I don’t want your heart.”

I’ll love you till I’m dead.

I’ll love you till I’m deadbecause when I’m not thinking I don’t think love is possibleat that point.Till then I’m yours. Thank you for filling the car with gasolinewhen I do I’m covered in gassmelling and to close to a lighterI’ll go up in smoke because the simple tasksof this living world are impossiblefor aContinue reading “I’ll love you till I’m dead.”

Laughter is your only connect.

Words of others don’t dictate your choices nor do their words accumulate a perfect person.Their thoughts are rarely indulged by youand when they are they’re rated on a scale of laughter because besides a smirk you are not changednor do you budge and what they doand what they likeand what they thinkand what they feelContinue reading “Laughter is your only connect.”

It’s love.

It’s love you didn’t know that?No, really that’s the nameof the worm it spreads its lovemilking itselfand leaving behind its slimewithin each and the secretions begin to sproutand out of the centerbirths dozens of morewiggly thingsthat plummet to the ground as the flower shakes itself clean as the wiggly things plant within the soil sproutingContinue reading “It’s love.”

All we need is love and maybe all we need is hate…

All we need is loveand maybe all we need is hateand maybe all we need is nothingand maybe we’re just simply hereand there’s no such thing as fateand maybe there are no answers at allor maybe the answers are quite simpleto simple maybethat logical reasoning distorts them into a higher thoughtsimply were just hereno money,Continue reading “All we need is love and maybe all we need is hate…”