You over took your share?

I get so frustrated so angryso overwhelmed by lifeand I think why am I upsetwhy am I shouting I’m happy then why? Then I break a moment of quietmy thoughts buzz it awaylike billions of beesand my ears they stingas if the wordsare coming form outsideno, they’re in here this anger it’s me. I mustContinue reading “You over took your share?”

Covered by lipstick.

Balls of emotionramped up and waitinga sophisticated thoughtand it unravels quicklystained by the residue of ill soaked lips covered by lipstick to hide their natural pinkish hue because naturalis a feared weaponin the game of economics. Tonight I asked my husband to throw out a word in which I’d incorporate into a poem. He choseContinue reading “Covered by lipstick.”