Processing noises and words.

I can hear it allin my ears read it all each wordwith my eyesprocessing noisesand wordsfiltering it though the bossthat’s rarely satisfied. This boss up hereit’s strict it has demandsI’ve said fuck off several times and it lets me know through the pain in my headmaking its way through down to the burning in myContinue reading “Processing noises and words.”

Wrestling with the many words.

She was thrown in the ringwrestling with the many wordsthat defined the sportroped off by civilized notions and laws she must followas she crawled beneath the ropeshe got twisted and flipped about stuck feeling the self worth being beaten out of her by each opponent she came acrossand all their thoughts slammed all of hersContinue reading “Wrestling with the many words.”

I see faces amongst the wood.

I see faces amongst the wood ingrained within the floorthat I step upon rather than walk around. I hear words spoken years agowith a lower intensity although they’re dullerthey still wreck havoc upon my ear drums causing reactions to numb. I smell a metallic scent drifting up and I get down cleaning all around. IContinue reading “I see faces amongst the wood.”

Making my mind mine.

I’ve spent a lot of timemaking my mind mine.Analyzing many of wordsand combinations taking in thoughtsfrom other sourcesand banishing them out.I’m not looking to change,I’m looking to evolve further.My mind openednot to suggestions or for the takemy mind is open to allow the flow to create to find what hasn’t been done trying to shredContinue reading “Making my mind mine.”

I watch the words.

I watch the wordsas they write themselvesupon the walls of my mind.The little me she scurries to wipe clearthe wallsto keep it clean as the words write faster upon the wallsshe struggles to keep up.Smudging wordsas letters become entangled and words look funnyand peculiar to that of what I was taught. She stands back wonderingContinue reading “I watch the words.”

I can see the thoughts.

I can see the thoughts as I think them slipping out of my mind as if they’re spiders quickly sprouting websas the words dangle hanging off my ceiling in the webs of thoughts hatching as the anxiousfeelings growand they multiply as my mind sputters to keep upmy eyes weightedby all that they must processand myContinue reading “I can see the thoughts.”

Holes in the box.

Thoughts swim within the airpolluted by the germs of fellow wordsinfecting those thoughts with their sicknesspolluting views and simple wantsturning simple wants into weapons loaded of hate and disgustand slowly destroying the healthy bacteria living within idealsbecause perspectiveis covered in vocal cord eating bacteria getting in and exposing wounds as they slice through the larynxleavingContinue reading “Holes in the box.”