It’s a parasite?

Can you explain what a soul is,do we need one,is it necessary?Is it like an appendix a ticking explosion without it you can live with it your a ticking bomb,shit how long till you explode? Please explain,is it an identity?Nobody has explained this to me.Can you live without it, I supposed right? It has noContinue reading “It’s a parasite?”

Spiritual energy.

Do you believe in death? Yes. Do you believe in a soul? No. Do you believe in a supreme creator. No. Do you believe in Spiritual Energy? Yes,although I believethere is no controlling it or rationalizing itor maintaining it.Energy is an accumulation of pent up emotions and it cannot be gatheredand collectedto create a specificContinue reading “Spiritual energy.”

Her skates slid across the ice.

Her skates slid across the icekeeping a pace simple and niceas her head tilted upward apart from the visuals downward. A spiral descending heras those that laid beneath began to stirand she began to regain balance amongst the audience invasive glance. She had felluplifting herself yet the judges would tellif she was to take placeContinue reading “Her skates slid across the ice.”