New merchandise.

(Explicit language and content.) Hello, I was following up on an addand I was wondering if you were still looking? Yes,we’re always looking for new merchandise. I’ll be dead in a few yearsterminal I supposeand dying as the disease runs its coursewould become costly. I’d rather you take me before I get to ugly. AssistedContinue reading “New merchandise.”

As the worms slither beneath.

In the dirt materials are laid and houses are built as the worms slither beneath eating the mineralsas a shovel halves them wiggling two parts. The smaller part slithers quickly escaping the quick thrusts of the shovelbusily leveling the groundfor a swimming poolfor the animals to playin clean waterfilled of chemicals to fight the algaeContinue reading “As the worms slither beneath.”

Her skates slid across the ice.

Her skates slid across the icekeeping a pace simple and niceas her head tilted upward apart from the visuals downward. A spiral descending heras those that laid beneath began to stirand she began to regain balance amongst the audience invasive glance. She had felluplifting herself yet the judges would tellif she was to take placeContinue reading “Her skates slid across the ice.”