The lights they change.

The lights they change,they flicker,they go out.The stop signs come outand I wait.Looking to my left,my right.I’ve never been the type to command always hesitant and still I am. More just piles on,I pick from the pile a task and another and all the lightsthey flicker. I think if they go out will the tasksContinue reading “The lights they change.”

Picking the quills out.

Open..please I need to tare a few thoughts outwriting them out isn’t working it’s leaving me with a sense of defeat as I’m trappedwithin the constant pressure of never succeeding as I read them and I feel defeated always defeatedalways knowing others have more wordsa larger vocabulary I do notbecause I’m arrogant and I hateContinue reading “Picking the quills out.”

A unrecognizable name.

A unrecognizable name writing out linesthat’ll be skipped overswallowed by a fewspitted outand forgotten.A unrecognizable name because I back in within shelters I feel safe and I open just enough to allow the words to drift out within the windwhirling around with the other leaves falling only to be swept awaywithin a bag and burnedContinue reading “A unrecognizable name.”

Like a drip of acid.

Each task I must completeis like a drip of acidwithin my braina burning sensation eating holes through my memory a few tasks slip oh I forgot I can’t remember I can’t think of it all. An antidote within adaptation if I evolve into an individual that doesn’t stressthat doesn’t worry would that repair the holesbringContinue reading “Like a drip of acid.”

The red evaporated.

A honk of the hornthe red evaporated and the light turned greenthe street stainsthey disappeared and the carthat stopped to long scurried by the driver out of a daze chances are they kept going that car behind them clutching onto angst for a matter of a second seems eternity when their stresses keep pushing uponContinue reading “The red evaporated.”

Weeding through reality and image.

Weeding through reality and image the roots have tangled and begun to grow together as a selfie is taken with a smile held up by the stem. The flowers open for the light to soak in the perfect glow because the image of happy and success must be captured and always shared. As the sunContinue reading “Weeding through reality and image.”


The universe is without a brain to hold the truth it finds. It creates life to answer what it cannot,the questions that keeps the universe expanding. That creation is an explorer finding answers that life needs to uncover.The truths they find causes their brains to pulsate and shed releasing the partsthe intelligent life cannot acceptContinue reading “Explorer”

Distance is better.

All the bodies walking offthis way and that way,the distance is better. Apart far enough in which their chaos cannot bleedright into me and their presence is acknowledged without reaching meand allowing their painto seep within. When their pain is feltI lay down the shivers take me as I try to force it out thatContinue reading “Distance is better.”

Spiritual energy.

Do you believe in death? Yes. Do you believe in a soul? No. Do you believe in a supreme creator. No. Do you believe in Spiritual Energy? Yes,although I believethere is no controlling it or rationalizing itor maintaining it.Energy is an accumulation of pent up emotions and it cannot be gatheredand collectedto create a specificContinue reading “Spiritual energy.”