Beholding wisdom within us all.

Rooted in as a listenerspeaking with a stammerbeholding wisdom within all of uswilting their skin upon the Earth that’s on a cuspknowledge isn’t always satisfyingparts of it urges one to stop tryingas the world is caught up in petty argumentssharing words in careful installmentsnegotiating contractswith their own subconscious  that the anger and quarrelswon’t rip themContinue reading “Beholding wisdom within us all.”

Maybe we all are more connected than we think.

Maybe we all are more connected than we thinkmaybe the thoughts we weep are that of anotherthe days our pens guide usare of stories we’ve been chosen to tellfor those mouths locked closedmaybe we are just one entitydivided within billions of vessels and all of this is a step within something something deeper that IContinue reading “Maybe we all are more connected than we think.”