The thoughts are growing.

The thoughts are growing overwhelming their homecausing the home to swell thudding against the hard casing that keeps it safefrom the sharpnessof the predators surrounding. Teeth pointedproperly sharpenedready and waiting for the skull to crack open releasing the prey that’s been hiding awaiting its meal.Ready. As the skull cracks the thoughts fully expanded begin toContinue reading “The thoughts are growing.”

To be a smile in the sky.

To be a smile in the skythat brightens and slowly fades as the night appearsanother shows half crescent a smile in the sky never at restwhile allowing the others to know there is a safetya happinessto the end of each daystill guiding their wayas their wicked dreamscome out the demons feedagain the smileawakens ready toContinue reading “To be a smile in the sky.”

Isn’t the sole pilot.

The loudnessthe constant speaking the words of othersthe thoughts of my own mixed with theirsI can’t keep up and I slowand I restwithin my safety right up herewithin the wordsand worlds I speak ofrealities that don’t hold up outside of my safe placebecause my brain it yearns of control and within real lifeit isn’t theContinue reading “Isn’t the sole pilot.”

It’s a parasite?

Can you explain what a soul is,do we need one,is it necessary?Is it like an appendix a ticking explosion without it you can live with it your a ticking bomb,shit how long till you explode? Please explain,is it an identity?Nobody has explained this to me.Can you live without it, I supposed right? It has noContinue reading “It’s a parasite?”

I don’t hate people.

I don’t hate people nor am I disappointed in usI feel we’ve evolved and we have more space to grow and to changeand make better decisions and I have faith we willand I know there will always be those that want morethat take morethat own morethat build morethat take more than neededto flaunt itwhile givingContinue reading “I don’t hate people.”

Your body floats within space.

I never set my dinner tablenestled within a small kitchen rather I omit it from the routinesitting upon the floorin a carpeted living room taking in breakfastlunch dinerand the snacks between because formal I am not. I use a forkand a spoonthe size dependent upon how much I want to shovelin at onceand lobster isn’tContinue reading “Your body floats within space.”

My heart can’t adjust to the demands.

“I need this…now!“The words always loudereach time they hit my earsand I’m tiredand my patience is dying with every thoughtand each step takento keep up with demandsand every wordthat slips from megrows crabbierand less relaxedbecause my minds overfilled and my heart can’t adjustto the demandsmy hearts the size of my fistswhich isn’t that largeand somehowContinue reading “My heart can’t adjust to the demands.”

The lights they change.

The lights they change,they flicker,they go out.The stop signs come outand I wait.Looking to my left,my right.I’ve never been the type to command always hesitant and still I am. More just piles on,I pick from the pile a task and another and all the lightsthey flicker. I think if they go out will the tasksContinue reading “The lights they change.”