Can’t explain itself.

Everything in, everything out.Shaking…The body is feeling. The brain is taking in,the brain is putting out.A response to the environment.Can the body relax?No it can’t,now always not every time.There are many words,many thoughtsand the still the brain can’t explain.It can’t tell the body why,why it feels the stress.It’s overwhelmed and can’t explain itself. Thanks forContinue reading “Can’t explain itself.”


Overwhelmed by the stressof fingers pounding the keys the board frozesticking keys within placestopping as the human frantically repeated the thoughtseach word sticking in their mind trying not to forgetthe linethe human yelled out the computer stopped error overwhelmed with wordsthe human tried to sort out the computer lacking of emotion felt nothing except aContinue reading “Error”

I find myself in lows.

I find myself in lowswondering whya long line to the finish lineis worth it?Rather a short cuta dash and a slipwithin a short sleep right before thought cuts out and there is nothing and the constant worry and the stress of my humanity comes to a halt and I feel nothing.Finally. I don’t, I haven’t,IContinue reading “I find myself in lows.”

Like a drip of acid.

Each task I must completeis like a drip of acidwithin my braina burning sensation eating holes through my memory a few tasks slip oh I forgot I can’t remember I can’t think of it all. An antidote within adaptation if I evolve into an individual that doesn’t stressthat doesn’t worry would that repair the holesbringContinue reading “Like a drip of acid.”

I scrub to erase the day.

As if grease in a pan it sticks heavilywith a stinkI scrub attempting to clean to erase the day. The faucet turns on red stains leftas it turns offmy hands dry and coarse. Lotion to moisturize as I stare heavily into the eyesforever within the mirror the same eyes looking back as if there isContinue reading “I scrub to erase the day.”