We see the red stain.

Redas it hits the airflowing with the tiltit stays within the indents. It dries eventually we see the staincleaners rough abrasivesscrub the thought till it dissappears only red stainsand if they look hard enoughthey’ll rememberIs memory enough to keep from repeating? Nonot when the emotionswe’re bled out and once doneit changes the mind breaking theContinue reading “We see the red stain.”

The red evaporated.

A honk of the hornthe red evaporated and the light turned greenthe street stainsthey disappeared and the carthat stopped to long scurried by the driver out of a daze chances are they kept going that car behind them clutching onto angst for a matter of a second seems eternity when their stresses keep pushing uponContinue reading “The red evaporated.”

Lips green as the blades of grass.

A face dyed red and lips green as the blades of grassthat curve upeven upon restfor if they were to slip they could present a sense of being upsetand questions would arisein which the answers would be pointlessbecause a frown is reserved for sadness.Although there are days when the creature just wants to relaxand giveContinue reading “Lips green as the blades of grass.”