Feeding the ground.

All the burdens of keeping at itof cleaning it up of having enough even if that’s speculation and not fact it creeps inwrapping the cordsof this structurearoundour wristsour necksour chestsour legsas we twistwe try to screamyour ears hearing the screamsmy ears taking it inand our brains blocking itbecause it’s realand it isn’t tangible it isIContinue reading “Feeding the ground.”

I don’t hate people.

I don’t hate people nor am I disappointed in usI feel we’ve evolved and we have more space to grow and to changeand make better decisions and I have faith we willand I know there will always be those that want morethat take morethat own morethat build morethat take more than neededto flaunt itwhile givingContinue reading “I don’t hate people.”

All we need is love and maybe all we need is hate…

All we need is loveand maybe all we need is hateand maybe all we need is nothingand maybe we’re just simply hereand there’s no such thing as fateand maybe there are no answers at allor maybe the answers are quite simpleto simple maybethat logical reasoning distorts them into a higher thoughtsimply were just hereno money,Continue reading “All we need is love and maybe all we need is hate…”