Our focus should be the planet.

Burrowing myself under like a fragile mousehiding away from the noise of this civilization the callous words of both the victors and the bereft the weak stuck beneath the floorboards the quiver of their lips the further we all slipa divide do I go back and hide both sides are fueled of hate every greatContinue reading “Our focus should be the planet.”

Nothing is left untainted by human touch.

The clouds painted overhead are the works of the lates every great debate lost within the strokes of every hoax. The wind in the airis filled of wordsof every author whom ever cared. The sea is filled of saline secreted by the lacrimal glands of every soldier fighting for their land. The grass is fertilizedContinue reading “Nothing is left untainted by human touch.”

Who is the center of all this?

Are you realis it you standing there in front of mewere they right and was I wrong? Damn I guess that’s what arrogance isyou could collect my soul right from my bodyand I’d smile and askyou to explain the separation of reality from a dreambecause how do I know I’m really awake? Maybe reality isContinue reading “Who is the center of all this?”

The Ever Climbing Cost of Living

I’ve been searching rehearsing words images and feelings sinking within the clutches of society debatesfeeling all this was a mistake always glorifying the greats society is on the verge of the now or over I’d like to take a moment and thank you all for leading us to our demise, lets stall. Please stop quotingContinue reading “The Ever Climbing Cost of Living”

I’d rather die by sea, then let go of me.

Sense of selfto be you to be memay I make my plea? For the betterof you of meI’ll plant a tree. For the worstof you of meI’ll allow the dipshits to run free And for the truthI’ll tell you, I’ll tell meI’d rather die by seathen let go of me. Thanks for stopping by. -TemperamentallyContinue reading “I’d rather die by sea, then let go of me.”