Will the tree collapse?

Will the tree collapseburrowing me beneath its pressure my strength is sub par and my stamina is one weighted by exhaustionand my mental capacity is overfilling as the gas is leaking from the opening. Ones ability to escape is linked to its need for survivaland if the tree collapses I wonder if I’d welcome theContinue reading “Will the tree collapse?”

Placing it upon the table.

My heart is full of pressurethat I cannot relievefrom where it’s at.I must remove itlet it decompressnot to long I wouldn’t want it to dry out. Placing it upon the table it’s smaller than I thought fragile and delicate I must not break it. DROP.Shit, I grab itseveral apologies slip. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. IContinue reading “Placing it upon the table.”

The heart struggles to keep up.

All the fear resides within herea blunt instrument to relieve the tormentthat twists and releases its toxinsthroughout the circulatory system the heart struggles to keep upas the lacrimal glands secrete enough liquid to fill a cupas the lungs gaspbeneath the pressure as they collapse and yet the worries keep piling as the brain continues filingContinue reading “The heart struggles to keep up.”