Life is always adapting.

Little bugs slipin traps set by lifefreeing the flowers of their station evaluating strategies including all the little bitsswimming to their eggs answers life needs them why does life have the ability to changeadaptation is a gift given by whatyourself may ponder surely life with all it’s ears will hear adding in thoughts to theContinue reading “Life is always adapting.”

As I try to balance.

I hear a little voiceit yellsit needs more I hear another little voicethat one needs something elseI turn around do several spinsgrabbing this then grabbing that and I sit searching legal jargon that mostly contradicts on how to self publish then my mind drifts and I readthis is bestand that is hazardous and I thenContinue reading “As I try to balance.”

Life is a victim of uncertainty.

Searching for normalcyas life is a victim of uncertainty.Underestimating our own realitiesas the structure bleeds. With each applausedeeper they slip their claws. Trying to unmask the face involved in each case. If the universe had a face,would it resemble that of the human race?Is it energy that is sacred,exposed, and naked?No flesh to restrain it,andContinue reading “Life is a victim of uncertainty.”

The tree speaks through varying creaks.

The trees outside out there they spend their time one with the wind drinking in all the sin. Today they’re naked they starved themselves as the leaves fainted Winter left Spring isn’t in bloom as I look out the window of this little room wondering do they look in thinking does she know who sheContinue reading “The tree speaks through varying creaks.”

Life only knows to create.

When I close my eyesno matter the number of ties to this lifethere will only be disconnect emptiness a brains sending impulses as the body takes its last breathstruggling for answers as the brain creates images and if I do wakeI’ll share as if its an experience of faith our brains set up defenses toContinue reading “Life only knows to create.”

Life is a randomized series of events.

My theory on life is simply that it’s a randomized series of events set in motion by every action of every person that’s ever existed. My mind trained by the art of sponge painting is set up to make a connection between everything even the most simplest of things. Short back story my father whenContinue reading “Life is a randomized series of events.”