The only definitive of life.

The only definitive of life I can give is death to be termed alive would mean that death is possibleas far as an inanimate objectincapable of death. Bacteria it isn’t animal likeincapable of thought like you or I although a complexity of decisions is plausible because life knows to growand it inherits the ability toContinue reading “The only definitive of life.”

It’ll keep breathing.

I don’t knowwhat this life has planned I’m just alivethat’s what I know and in my death it’ll keep breathing as my heart stops other will continue to pumpand more will be discovered because life keeps growing it adds more as it deletes out parts that aren’t quite efficient creating foodfeeding upon each other. DoContinue reading “It’ll keep breathing.”

Life is every breath at once.

Life is an exchange a returning of one product for that of another adding parts taking pieces away creating more for another to thrive. Growth cannot happen without competition to provoke the interest of striving harder feeding the victors. When in actuality life is a unit in which weakness and strength comes together and withoutContinue reading “Life is every breath at once.”


The universe is without a brain to hold the truth it finds. It creates life to answer what it cannot,the questions that keeps the universe expanding. That creation is an explorer finding answers that life needs to uncover.The truths they find causes their brains to pulsate and shed releasing the partsthe intelligent life cannot acceptContinue reading “Explorer”

Life is always adapting.

Little bugs slipin traps set by lifefreeing the flowers of their station evaluating strategies including all the little bitsswimming to their eggs answers life needs them why does life have the ability to changeadaptation is a gift given by whatyourself may ponder surely life with all it’s ears will hear adding in thoughts to theContinue reading “Life is always adapting.”

As I try to balance.

I hear a little voiceit yellsit needs more I hear another little voicethat one needs something elseI turn around do several spinsgrabbing this then grabbing that and I sit searching legal jargon that mostly contradicts on how to self publish then my mind drifts and I readthis is bestand that is hazardous and I thenContinue reading “As I try to balance.”