Binging on the shitty television show called life.

Recently life has felt like a shitty television show, all episodes released and I’m on a binge. First episode in it’s like this is really stupid, next thing I know I binged an entire season in a day, and it’s like what the hell just happened. These characters are unrealistic. That shit doesn’t happen, theContinue reading “Binging on the shitty television show called life.”

A jailer speaking to their heart.

He watched her;head tilted couch potato.He knewher body was fighting the battle internally.The score;1 for her 3 for the disease Syringe in his handslover within his heartdisease motivating his handsA shot her eyes closedshe drifted within peace. The poem above I wrote for a college writting class, pertaining to assisted suicide. It had me lostContinue reading “A jailer speaking to their heart.”

All we need is love and maybe all we need is hate…

All we need is loveand maybe all we need is hateand maybe all we need is nothingand maybe we’re just simply hereand there’s no such thing as fateand maybe there are no answers at allor maybe the answers are quite simpleto simple maybethat logical reasoning distorts them into a higher thoughtsimply were just hereno money,Continue reading “All we need is love and maybe all we need is hate…”

You could fixate on the gloom…

You could fixate on the gloomthe hate, the darkness, the painall day long,or you could choose to live. My husband taught me to liveTo stay out of the prison created by myselfstaring at the empty wallsas if the words would evolve on their own. The world willbut I never would havelost in the corridors ofContinue reading “You could fixate on the gloom…”

I am simply a human being.

With that title comes the confliction of thought. Life is a complexity I often get lost in, trying to understand how I feel, why I feel that way? And on certain days, trying to understand how I stopped feeling ways I once did. And other days fearful I’ll become the people that frustrate me theContinue reading “I am simply a human being.”