Are you a part of all the lies?

There is a mind
somewhere around here
Do you hear that whine?
all our feet glued to the ground
who’s mind
is it yours
are you a part of all the lies
living life
in hopes of what comes next
shh…he? she? might hear us
I feel their hands upon my legs
I try to lift my feet
I’m heavy
weighted by their smug
isn’t it ironic
our faith is what corrupts us
forces our values
as their heart impale yours
riddled in your last breath
did you make a mistake
did she make a mistake
did he make a mistake
or did we all?

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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