Can we just live?

I’m going to dieYou’re going to dieHe’s going to dieShe’s going to dieThey’re going o die It’s going to dieHe/She/Them/They They’re all going to die…Till then can we just live? No…We have opinions to give ideals to push thoughts to givethoughts to take. Living without fight would be an impossibility when each and everyis fightingContinue reading “Can we just live?”

Spiritual energy.

Do you believe in death? Yes. Do you believe in a soul? No. Do you believe in a supreme creator. No. Do you believe in Spiritual Energy? Yes,although I believethere is no controlling it or rationalizing itor maintaining it.Energy is an accumulation of pent up emotions and it cannot be gatheredand collectedto create a specificContinue reading “Spiritual energy.”

You want simple, you want easy.

You want simpleyou want easyyou want to see the finish the truth is that it isn’t it never is easyit never is simpleand the finish lineis death. All the parts before they hurtlegs and arms cut by the rustic fenceswe must climb claiming victoryas our scrapes bleedscabbing overas we keep going. WhyBecause that is lifeifContinue reading “You want simple, you want easy.”

We both hit death.

I take several rightsgo rightgo rightalright I’ll go right. From the other direction they take several leftsgo leftgo leftok they say “I’ll do it don’t fret.” Eventually our roads stop I went rightrightright.They went leftleftleft.Both our roads they stoppedand I think was I doing it right? My niceto them it was rudetheir niceto me itContinue reading “We both hit death.”

Several creatures in existence.

Several creatures in existence to tired for any resistanceas they look away they allow their bodies to swaywith the crowd in any waythe largest carriedemotions are often varied. The direction is a simple variation either way death is in the pavement no matter the arrangement a good deed a bad deed their bodies never freedcontractsContinue reading “Several creatures in existence.”