Can we just live?

I’m going to dieYou’re going to dieHe’s going to dieShe’s going to dieThey’re going o die It’s going to dieHe/She/Them/They They’re all going to die…Till then can we just live? No…We have opinions to give ideals to push thoughts to givethoughts to take. Living without fight would be an impossibility when each and everyis fightingContinue reading “Can we just live?”

Remember to live.

Remember to live!I already existwhy do I need a reminder to live? If I’m breathing by definition I’m living.Now if you’re talking in terms of a fulfilling lifethose terms aren’t equitable.What you view as fulfilling I view as insufferable and what you view as happinessI view as mediocrity and numbing to my mental capacity becauseContinue reading “Remember to live.”

You could fixate on the gloom…

You could fixate on the gloomthe hate, the darkness, the painall day long,or you could choose to live. My husband taught me to liveTo stay out of the prison created by myselfstaring at the empty wallsas if the words would evolve on their own. The world willbut I never would havelost in the corridors ofContinue reading “You could fixate on the gloom…”