Placing it upon the table.

My heart is full of pressurethat I cannot relievefrom where it’s at.I must remove itlet it decompressnot to long I wouldn’t want it to dry out. Placing it upon the table it’s smaller than I thought fragile and delicate I must not break it. DROP.Shit, I grab itseveral apologies slip. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. IContinue reading “Placing it upon the table.”

Often times when you’re frustrated.

Often times when you’re frustrated or upset over words spoken it’s because you lack the confidence in your own choices and it’s time to go into your brain picking it apart and telling yourself I do what I feel is right and if society finds fault that is their choiceas long as you don’t bringContinue reading “Often times when you’re frustrated.”

A comfortable zone.

50% the efforta comfortable zone to fit myself within enough effort to finish a task and I break awayallowing myself within the worlds residing in my brain.The buildings growing larger built and destroyed within minutes switching and changing with my moodswhich rapidly change. Development has large plansthat I must fill here in my home base.TheContinue reading “A comfortable zone.”

A sickness inside.

It started off as an invasionships in the shape of opinions carrying words as cargomissiles shot offloaded of angst and hostility. Through the openings the missiles created the ships entered allowing the habitants to wanderoff the boats they went. As they drilled their words internallybusting open the doorsto the place the brain stayedthey began aContinue reading “A sickness inside.”

Endless conversations.

Did I speak right?Did I type that offensively?Should I erase a word?Fill another in,add moreor take a few away? No, I’ll just hit sendand I’ll stop worrying, is it rightis it offensive is it the right context?Will they understandwill they interpret it differently?Yes they will because they are not meand I am not them. HoldingContinue reading “Endless conversations.”

How do you make sense of your brain?

How do you make sense of your brain?You write it down short sentenceslong sentences scrambled wordsconcrete factsfictional scenarios.Working between life and obligation a few lines hereand a few lines there. You re-readlike damn this still makes no sense a simple shrugyou click share. Thanks for reading. -Temperamentally Tina

Grab the lighter.

Conversations and wordsstories of childhoodthe past is on the pages certain parts forgotten and those pages rippedand worn outby decadesupon decadesupon decades. Grab the lighterwe can burn them not because they’re filled of shame or horror stories they’re not simply because it gets cold at night and the warmth of the fire will keep usContinue reading “Grab the lighter.”

Conversations don’t connect.

Conversations don’t connectas if there is a wire in my brainthat has been severedand no current can get through. When people speakthe signal is often weakand my ears they can’t carry all the words chopping a few through as the rest fall outand tumble out never entering my brain. I feel overwhelmed trying to fillContinue reading “Conversations don’t connect.”

I’d still be alive right?

I’m alive because I am breathing I’m alive because my heart is still pumping I’m alive and with that I’m able to thinkbecause my brain is still intact.What happens if it isn’t?If I’m comatoseI’d still be alive right?My brain would still be thinking,only I’d be dreaming on the constant and I think does my lifeContinue reading “I’d still be alive right?”