Confined to a couch.

A sickness insideconfined to a couch listening to the tunesof the birds chirping about and the laughterof others at playsinking deeper within the couch a bite upon the cheekand tears they drip as the little creature struggles to speak begging to be set freeanother nibbleand the jailer won’t budgefor the sickness is to greata singleContinue reading “Confined to a couch.”

A sickness inside.

It started off as an invasionships in the shape of opinions carrying words as cargomissiles shot offloaded of angst and hostility. Through the openings the missiles created the ships entered allowing the habitants to wanderoff the boats they went. As they drilled their words internallybusting open the doorsto the place the brain stayedthey began aContinue reading “A sickness inside.”