Writing is what I rather.

I don’t feel compelled to gatherwriting is what I ratherwords I can vanquish rescript whatever I wish turn a hero into a villain unravel each civilian give a heartto an unknown partwith a pen I can fabricate a friend dig a gravewhen they misbehave within the words I gain a sense of controlout here eachContinue reading “Writing is what I rather.”

Life has become complicated.

Life has become complicatedby human fabricationposting and reposting their smallest momentsto their greatest achievementsonce we boiled in the sun shaded by a treebefore it was  bought, it was freestaking claim by that of our fistsrather than our witsin time we created morebodies piled in the storeplumped and bellies fullalthough malnourished still. Thanks for reading.-Temperamentally Tina

Each person a number accumulated.

Each person a number accumulatedtheir stories often exaggeratedwhen spoken by their tongueseach one outdonean outstanding applauseI often pausefeeling that suspicious thoughtnone of them will ever get caughtfor each number we accumulateis a part for the takeloneliness makes the number vulnerablerendering their votes affordable. Thanks for reading.Temperamentally Tina.

Beholding wisdom within us all.

Rooted in as a listenerspeaking with a stammerbeholding wisdom within all of uswilting their skin upon the Earth that’s on a cuspknowledge isn’t always satisfyingparts of it urges one to stop tryingas the world is caught up in petty argumentssharing words in careful installmentsnegotiating contractswith their own subconscious  that the anger and quarrelswon’t rip themContinue reading “Beholding wisdom within us all.”

Maybe we all are more connected than we think.

Maybe we all are more connected than we thinkmaybe the thoughts we weep are that of anotherthe days our pens guide usare of stories we’ve been chosen to tellfor those mouths locked closedmaybe we are just one entitydivided within billions of vessels and all of this is a step within something something deeper that IContinue reading “Maybe we all are more connected than we think.”

I had never been inclined to such things as a diamond ring.

I think of all the faces that reside within the pastall the shadows that have been castopportunities I’m glad I passed. Yet I wonderdoes their minds pondermy existencewas I simply to close to their fenceand now I’m forgotten? The one I loved, love  is the one I marriedall the burdens he’s carriedI had never beenContinue reading “I had never been inclined to such things as a diamond ring.”

The more waste we gain.

The more we obtainthe more waste we gain.The fatter our footstepthe more time it takes to prep.A coffin in this Earthwe are naked at birth.Yet we are buried within our besta beautifully laced vest.Our cheeks blushed, lips lushedas the family perceives to be crushed.Gathered around the deadburied within their head.Fluttered about in groupsretreating away fromContinue reading “The more waste we gain.”

As the trees look down.

The middle evaluates a crimeas another’s head pops in anger towards the arrogant swinethat walks in their narrowminded directionnever accepting a proposition. As the trees look downdressed in a frownwrapped in a notionthat with every human commotioncomes their very own destructionthey cannot hold their own to a chainsaws functioncutting sawingand then the tree comes falling. Continue reading “As the trees look down.”

Trapped in a blood soaked forest.

Fickle thoughtsburst amongst speckled dotsencased within tissueescape is not without issue.  For when the thoughts burst freethe outsiders despise what they seefor the boss sends impulsesthat are no longer deprived of indulgences. Flailing limbs, loose tonguesspeaking ones truth often isn’t funour memories twisted and rungunable to be left out to dryinstead were trapped within anContinue reading “Trapped in a blood soaked forest.”