New merchandise.

(Explicit language and content.)

I was following up on an add
and I was wondering if you were still looking?

we’re always looking for new merchandise.

I’ll be dead in a few years
terminal I suppose
and dying
as the disease runs its course
would become costly.
I’d rather you take me
before I get to ugly.

Assisted suicide is illegal
and our business follows all jurisdictions
for our State,
therefore we are not in the business of murder.

I guess what I’m wondering
does the money
go into my family’s account directly?

Yes it’s a one time payment
however our clients pay generously
for your services
and it’s factored by appearance
and sexual orientation.
We have a wide range of interests.

How long does the process take?
You pay for the whole thing?
The entire process no hidden fees?

The process depends on the amount
of reconstructive measure we must take.
The amount the family receives depends upon
the labor it takes to deem the body
proper for the client.
Your body seems in reasonable shape
however your teeth could use work.
I would suggest a full dental work up
before your death.
In which we don’t condone suicide or murder.
However we do accept those that have been
ruled accidental deaths.

Alright, another question
do they fuck me every night
or just on the weekends?
Again I’m dead so I suppose it doesn’t matter
although necrophilia is disturbing to me.
However turning it into a business
is genius by the way.
All the morals don’t matter
when money is exchanged
and grave digging damn
that must get tiresome.

What our clients do is none of our business.
Our business meets all the standards
of our State and abides by all the laws and regulations.

By the looks of this home
it must be pretty damn good business
money rights just about any sin
and honestly I’m stunned
by your genius
and your kindness
death has been a costly
venture for families for centuries
so in a way your like a hero.
Taking the burden off families
while allowing perversions
to be carried out in safe
legal environments.

We don’t judge our clients
nor do we assume their
intentions for the merchandise
they collect.

If I was a celebrity
would that be the holly grail
of death?
Would the payment
be triple what my family gets for me?

Yes celebrities worth
immensely more than a commoner.

I’ve seen your work
it’s beautiful
so if I were to go down infamously
with a full set of bullet holes
I know you’d be able
to pretty me back up
and would that
higher my rank?
Because if yes I could do that.

As I stated before
we do not condone suicide
in any form
nor do we accept bodies
brought to us
by the means of murder
however we do have clients
willing to forgo
our standardized rules.
However we do not condone suicide
and we cannot accept corpses
involved in murder investigations.

…They got up from a desk
making their way to a locked filing cabinet
and pulled out a piece of paper…

However if you sign here…

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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