Humanity; A tornado of thoughts.

There’s so much yelling.I hear it over the wind?Through the wind?Is it carried by the windor is it in competition with the wind? Is the yelling what causesthe doors to slam shut or open taking them off their hinges?A whirlwind of competition. Humanity; A tornado of thoughtstrying to compete,being the strongest,being the loudest.It’s all soContinue reading “Humanity; A tornado of thoughts.”


Your a part of this toohide beneath anything you wantyour a part of this tooat fault for the destruction of Earthconsuming the natural resources. “We can conserve“ YESalthough there are so many of usthat conserving is theoretically pointless? Consumerism is an addiction embedded within us at our first snuggle in a blanket the warmth ofContinue reading “Humanity”