Like An Octopus Creature

I’ve been trying to get myself to draw more of the creature art type of stuff because it’s the only way I’m able to shut my mind off for several minutes at a time. I have a difficult time relaxing my husband recently bought this odd back posture thing that’s suppose to correct posture by laying on it. It sounds like some ridiculous joke gadget, and when we got it he’s like yea just lay on it for 15 minutes and I’m like 15 minutes what the fuck I just lay there? I can’t handle sitting still for long periods of time I get anxious which I suppose is my problem I can’t relax. Anyways past that boring bit of info I’ve been drawing lately stuff for educational kid projects I’m working on or for kid books and what not. That stuff just stresses me out drawing something that looks like something that exists and has to fit a certain criteria in which everyone can say oh yea that’s a hedgehog or whatever. With my creature art it doesn’t have to hold any real standard and it’s destressing.

Having to fit in a box has never been my thing, I get all stressed out fitting standards of anything because most of the time I don’t actually agree with most the shit I just do because I guess they’re things humans are suppose to do. For example Santa Claus, a fat man in a red suit that passes out presents that we supposedly allow in our homes once a year to give presents to our children? To keep the lie alive for our children we take them to sit on a strange mans lap? Luckily my daughter hasn’t asked to sit in Santa’s lap yet, so we’ve been able to skip that tradition since she’s been born. Any other time if that sort of character was parked outside your house in lets say a white van and he was offering toys or candy to your children he’d be arrested. The entire concept is insanity.

Anyways past the rambles here is what Like an Octopus Creature looks like…

Like an Octopus Creature is for purchases on items above and more on RedBubble. If interested in checking out other designs by me here’s that direct link TerriblyTina at RedBubble. Thanks for reading my rambles.

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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