Whose turn is it you ask?

Living within the daunting taskof sorting through whisperswhose turn is it you askit is hers. Then it is hishe takes the lureshe repeats the answer on the quizautomatic failure. Together they check the boxesshare in the secretschase away all the foxesand strengthen each others weakness. I feel practice is important to maintaining and enhancing anyContinue reading “Whose turn is it you ask?”

Sheltered between outstretched hands.

A rock in the sun fadedoutdatedby decades of whisperscarried in the wind by drifterssheltered  between outstretched handsto shelter for an entire lifespan. To the leftthe lone flower represents the bereftcrying out words that are often misrepresentedfor the world has been reinventedseparating fact from fictionis quite a contradiction.  For were all eroded by the whispersof allContinue reading “Sheltered between outstretched hands.”

Rose With Eyeballs, and Rose Lips With Eyes Creatures.

I recently uploaded two new designs to the TerriblyTina shop on Redbubble. The designs are fairly similar on one I placed a series of circles that vaguely resemble eyeballs inside of what could be considered a rose. On the other design I omitted the circles inside the rose and placed two sparkle like eyes aboveContinue reading “Rose With Eyeballs, and Rose Lips With Eyes Creatures.”

Butterfly Creature Vase and A Flower With A Face

Tonight I decided to play around with a design I made and uploaded awhile ago on the TerriblyTina shop on Redbubble called Flower Woman. Tonight I ended up uploading two designs on the TerriblyTina Redbubble shop. Butterfly Creature Vase and A Flower With A Face. Here is what they look like… Butterfly Creature Vase andContinue reading “Butterfly Creature Vase and A Flower With A Face”

Do you see a man in the floor?

Ever since I was young I found myself mesmerized by the grooves and lines and patterns within floor tiles, walls, doors whatever. It’s intriguing to me to think what happens by accident, if a person stares long enough within a wood grain on a door or within the textured design on a floor eventually anContinue reading “Do you see a man in the floor?”