Bird Dice Design

I’ve been kind of in a funk of sorts. Not knowing what will happen next. Fearing tomorrow and never knowing the outcome has always tormented me. Especially now within the past several months raising children within a pandemic. The constant fear, and that part of me that never really understood the basic routine of our lives to begin with. No matter what ones current life looks like be that raising young children, having children that are adults themselves, or having no kids at all it’s tough right now. The cost of living is high, and dragging ourselves through day to day activities in a state of chaos can be overwhelming for anyone.

I’ve been pushing myself through the insanity of it all by riding out waves of creativity. Whatever that looks like day by day. My writing is a bit close to my heart and I never feel the confidence in pushing my all into a legit book in which would take countless hours of my time in which I’d never be paid for. Isn’t that the complexity of todays world. Maybe if the cost of living wasn’t so high creativity could flourish and all the over done and played out stories could be burned, in order to make room for something new and extraordinary. Instead of more of the same because being a starving artist isn’t practical as an adult with small children to feed.

Anyways I’ve been drawing up simple designs made of shapes. Just to sort of relax my brain, as a way to ease some of the stress. Which is why I began to love art in the first place, a place to calm myself.

I drew up a design I labeled “Bird Dice” because when finished I saw a bird in the middle of the design and my husband fixated upon the squares that resembled dice to him. The design I uploaded on the TerriblyTina shop on Redbubble in three different colors.

The Bird Dice design is available to purchase on items above and more at the TerriblyTina shop on Redbubble.
Bird Dice Multi colored
Bird Dice Green
Bird Dice Grey

Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina.

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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