We must laugh.

We must laugh to feed the monsterif we stoppedthe monster couldn’t grow. Hovering above our wordshovering above our laughterit swallows our insultschurning in the pit of its gutand shitting out upon the rest. If we stoppedthe monster couldn’t grow.If we didn’t laugh at the wrong jokesthe monster would shrivel up and have to be watereduntilContinue reading “We must laugh.”

Hands sloppily stitched.

The stuff animals split apartand hands sloppily stitchedcutting pieces that couldn’t be fixedcreating something differentthat isn’t quite as cuteas the originalsdefinitely more nightmarish. One part is looking forwardthe other to the sideas if it’s untouched by the changeit’s still itselfyet something elseand it’s ok with thatbecause looking after someone elsegives its life a purposeand whomContinue reading “Hands sloppily stitched.”

I swear they burrowed in.

I’ll take the thing this wayyou take that other thing that waywait move a little to the leftI don’t want to move to the rightyou’ve always been in chargeand I’d like to be this timelook what happened when I let you guide us through repeating it’s the shorter waywe will have extra time as ifContinue reading “I swear they burrowed in.”

I wrote a poetry book; Can We Sleep Now?

(I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program and any qualifying purchases made through affiliate links I may earn a commission on at no additional cost to you.) I recently self published an art and poetry collection through Amazon. For the collection I drew a new creature each night and wrote a reaction toContinue reading “I wrote a poetry book; Can We Sleep Now?”

The ashes have fallen.

The ashes have fallenscattering as they drift aboutmaking their way to the groundas the one leftslowly snappedto the pressureof survivingfalling within it’s final placebefore it’s timethe pressure of finding stabilitycauses restless thoughtsand the restless thoughtsaren’t calmed within a tree poseand deep breathscauses the branch to achedeep within it’s chestfeeling as if it’ll burst into flamescreatingContinue reading “The ashes have fallen.”

As if your a truth teller.

They’re so fake that’s a large mistake claiming others as liars and living beneath a lower bar as if your a truth teller your level of oxygen is bringing us underall that air compressing out your lungsit’s time all your lies have been hungthere is to many to be rung out enough water to adverseContinue reading “As if your a truth teller.”