Moral grounds that freeze in the Winter.

Humans aren’t any more evilthan a lion ready to eatbecause all any animal knows is survival.The difference is as a human we’re stuck contemplating between moral grounds that freeze in the Winter.When we walk we must tread carefully because falling in could freeze our blood and no matter how hot it gets it’ll never liquifyContinue reading “Moral grounds that freeze in the Winter.”

Tree in Winter.

The burden of the ice waiting for it to solidify dripping down my spine branches stretched taking on morebefore it reaches the ground and the ground says it’s alreadyover capacityand yet I grow taller even in the Winter after my leaves starved themselves of oxygen to allow myself growth because being bareallows me to takeContinue reading “Tree in Winter.”

The heat of their breath.

The heat of their breath hit the coldness in the airand as the two hityou could see their breath heating up the Winter airas the wind growled pushing the snow in their faceas the icy ground gave outsending them within the cracksas the coldness took them overimprisoning them within a block of ice. Thanks forContinue reading “The heat of their breath.”