She lined them up.

I’ve been trying to work on ideas for horror stories and such, the poem below is a poem to gather my thoughts and possibly build on. If your not into morbid content it probably isn’t something you will like just a warning.

She lined them up
in a matter that was rough
as she shouted out
It’s all in your head so don’t pout!
You’ll do our country a great service,
on your knees now don’t refuse this.
I said on your knees!

Don’t bother crying please
I have no remorse
I’m here to fulfill the course
and I said down
I don’t give a shit if you wear a frown
I said down on the ground
as if we’d over look a coup.
Whichever way
tonight is it, there isn’t another day.

She smiled,
if you want to run
I’m up for the fun
it’s all in here
every bit you fear.

She hit her own head
I know every word of the dead,
I know your moves, your inner thoughts,
the betrayal of being caught
there has been many I fought
but the fucking high
I’ll never let it pass me by.

She chuckled as she held up the gun
several more appeared ready to stun.
She looked over at the man beside her.
No! She yelled they’re like lobsters
they must be alive as they boil
in the scolding river wrapped in a coil
and as they scream
we must not fret over being mean
it’s not cruelty to drain their knowledge
their power and their courage
it’s a service and they are for the pickin
as their outer shells aren’t thicken
and as we bathe in the boiling river
our skin only grows thicker
and reddens
as we slip the syringe within their craniums
and sip that in which evolves our brains
as we stake our claim.

Thank you if you read the poem and got to here. If your into horror you might be thinking yea that really wasn’t that morbid or maybe not I don’t know. Everyone has different tolerances and interests. Anyways the poem was a gathering of thoughts for a more modern take on a Zombie. Rather than decomposing flesh, and running around without logical thought. Unfortunately I have fell victim a time or two to the whole Zombie craze although at this point it feels overplayed. Therefore I’m always thinking of a different spin in which the zombies are evolved humans with strong skin, and to keep their brains from going rotten they need brains. Although they aren’t entirely savage cracking open skulls and walking around mindlessly screaming Brains Brains. Instead they insert needles within the brains of the common human extracting their knowledge and shooting it within themselves.
Thanks again for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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