Hands sloppily stitched.

The stuff animals split apart
and hands sloppily stitched
cutting pieces
that couldn’t be fixed
creating something different
that isn’t quite as cute
as the originals
definitely more nightmarish.

One part is looking forward
the other to the side
as if it’s untouched by the change
it’s still itself
yet something else
and it’s ok with that
because looking after someone else
gives its life a purpose
and whom it once was
is still there somewhere.

Some nights I draw an image and write a reaction to that image. Tonight that is the route I took. I do it as a way to allow my mind to wander rather overthink something so much that I block myself from writing at all. I often overthink a concept to the point in which as I’m writing it I quit before I have a chance of ever finishing it because I often feel it can’t live up to the expectation I have in my head. Thanks for reading.
-Temperamentally Tina

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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