The heat of their breath.

The heat of their breath hit the coldness in the airand as the two hityou could see their breath heating up the Winter airas the wind growled pushing the snow in their faceas the icy ground gave outsending them within the cracksas the coldness took them overimprisoning them within a block of ice. Thanks forContinue reading “The heat of their breath.”

Under the ice.

The cold leaks in invading the skinstraight to the boneit’s freezingand the toes are icing overas the body shiversand the goosebumps inhabitand growas the coldbecomes colderand the entirety of self freezesand as another approachescenturies laterfinding a perfectly kept bodyunder the icethey begin to chiseland break it apartopening the cranium and reviving what once was. ThanksContinue reading “Under the ice.”