Do you see a man in the floor?

Ever since I was young I found myself mesmerized by the grooves and lines and patterns within floor tiles, walls, doors whatever. It’s intriguing to me to think what happens by accident, if a person stares long enough within a wood grain on a door or within the textured design on a floor eventually an image can be seen. As if it’s just hiding there waiting to be found.

I took a picture of my bathroom floor to capture an image of a haunting man, and I ended up noticing after I took the picture that there was a shadow from my phone at the bottom that I interpreted as a creepy clown. As I looked more at the image I then was like uhh maybe its a woman in a hooded cloak with a necklace around her neck.

Maybe you see what I see, maybe you see something else. Or maybe you look at this and think what the hell it’s just a bathroom floor there’s nothing there.

The concept I’m most fascinated by is the idea that even the same exact image each person can view and or see a completely different way. The idea that our brains are wired differently and images are interpreted by individuals differently fascinate me. I think the ability to find things that are hidden or to be able to imagine something another hasn’t is a trait that’s important in the world and often forgotten because I feel people get lost within the sense that they have to be accepted and acceptance means not standing out apart of the crowd. Therefore art becomes dormant, and people forget to find their own style because they’re so wrapped up in being likable. Rather than setting their own path.

I uploaded the design onto the Terribly Tina Redbubble shop, below are what a few of the products look like with the image..

If your interested in checking out the Man in the floor design click here. Thanks for reading.

Published by Tina

I am a mother that is passionate about early education and a person that relieves stress through art, and writing.

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